Online Lean Six Sigma Certification

As one of the most established and longest running providers in the industry for online Six Sigma Training & Certification, we have had millions of people just like you weighing our training against the competition. Here are just a few reasons why many prospective training candidates who have performed their due-diligence have chosen to trust us with their educational needs.


The marketplace is very competitive these days. To survive and thrive in it, organizations must have quality in their products and services. The focus should also be on promoting quality and eliminating defects so that the value of deliverables to customers is improved considerably. This is where six sigma methodology and its implementation helps...

Lean Principles is a certificate course in the Lean Six Sigma online courses offered through the Division of Engineering Professional Education at Purdue University. Participants will learn and develop an understanding of the critical concepts and themes associated with Lean operating systems deployment. A graduate of the Lean Principles course...

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