Six Sigma Training: How to Choose Higher Level Belt Training?


Becoming a green or black belt Six Sigma Professional is as easy as learning about the six sigma method of business. First you should research the programs and training online. You will find a treasure chest of capable schools and universities with training courses that can be conveniently and completely done online.

Your research will also uncover the pros and cons associated with the online courses verses attending a traditional classroom setting in a school or university knowing that they all offer basic six sigma system course knowledge.

The many offers online involve some sorting by the candidate on various categories such as pricing; the pricing varies due to the amount of knowledge taught by each institution. For example, a university might charge more than a training course as it has more expenses, it takes a longer amount of time to complete than many of the other training providers.

A good pro for online learning is the choice of when and where you decide to complete the course. If your domestic situation doesn't fit the traditional classroom scheduling, you can work on your own schedule online without the occasional conflicts between work, family and learning. However there are some drawbacks to online in that you don't get the hands on training or the benefits of interacting with fellow students or teachers.

An advantage of some of the training courses is a live tutor to help the student learn the system of the six sigma method, which is greatly appreciated by a confused student. A confused student can easily get frustrated, and having a live tutor to help them along is a big plus.

While it is clear that there are differences between learning the six sigma method of business at a school or taking the training courses online is a very individual choice with many factors to consider. Money, available time and schedule and occupation are three of the major factors that face students. There are also many different reasons for pursuing this training, like improving ones own business or learning about the six sigma methods. Whatever the reasons, they will find the right training in universities or online.

A Better Way to Reach A Higher Level

To make sure everyone is learning the same steps, the same processes, all the training for Six Sigma Courses are all the same. Regardless of the level of training you are striving to achieve; be it a green belt, black belt or master black belt, all must endure the same training. However there is a difference: responsibility at each level. Everyone who is involved in this training are considered to be agents of change within one basic business process. This process will make a smoother running business for customer satisfaction as well as being customer driven.

Six sigma courses are laid out along the DMAIC principles methodology or of design, measure, analyze, improve and control methodology. Champion/process owners should have a thorough understanding of six sigma, DMAIC, financial benefits, and the impact of implementing six sigma on the organization. Six sigma language, how to prioritize projects, how to launch a project, how to select and develop black belts and master black belts. Champion/process owners should also be instructed in DMAIC as it applies to workers and customers both individually and collectively.

Lean Six sigma master black belt and black belt are expected to have an overview understanding of the six sigma process, broken down in the DMAIC methodology. This part of instruction is the same as with champion/process owners. A class on financial benefits as well as impact on the organization. Black belts and master black belts need a thorough understanding of six sigma language in order to communicate effectively with their peers, mentors and co-workers.

Offering a very effective solution for issues that project management and project definition will be confronted with and the correct implementation procedures is the main focus of six sigma training and instruction. This instruction is also mandatory for black belts and gives them valuable insight into brainstorming the problems and technique improvements concerning defects, deviations and failures within the process.

The specific roles of the green belts within a Six Sigma course are a little different than the black and master black belts. While the courses for both Six Sigma and DMAIC are identical on paper, they differ, in that the green belt is not a leadership role. They implement the project process. They focus on selecting, implementing, observing, and analyzing and interact with workers about the process, seeing that everyone understands what is happening during the process and methodology of a six sigma program.

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